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Sourdough Bread

Baking homemade bread can be completely addicting. It is a special treat and pleasure that you can prepare delicious bread that impresses with its crispy crust from only three basic ingredients, such as flour, water and salt.

It is a living thing that you start preparing from nothing, without any additives. Everything depends on you, well almost everything. Preparing dough in the summer is not the same as in the winter, and it is a process that you have to change all the time. But the beauty is that you know exactly what's inside.

At Boulangerie Mira, we use sourdough, like they did in the old days. This is a totally natural process where useful enzymes and bacteria act naturally. The result is how sourdough bread is much more digestible than those containing commercial yeast.

Come and try our sourdough! You probably won't feel any magic at all right away. It is still bread and even as sourdough bread it will not become some magical product that makes you forever young and healthy. But in the long run it is better for us. It's also good for us to understand how long fermentation could help maintain our health. 

Healthy Loaf of Bread

Is Sourdough better than regular bread? 

It is hard to answer with only one word without actually understanding the sourdough process.

We are all aware how food is getting “poor” and we can do more harm than good for our bodies if we keep forcing ourselves to eat less nutritious food which is poor in enzymes. A role of the food enzyme is to help digest food and this process is a natural process for a human being. 


When bread is made quickly and with yeast, it is hard to digest and furthermore there is significantly less minerals.


But when the sourdough process is used, it is important we have enough time to use long fermentation (in our case 48 hours) because both processes, fermentation and hydration are very important if we want to make good sourdough bread. 


When we use instant yeast to bake regular bread, the product is ready in a few hours. In such a short time the flour could not reach a satisfied level of hydration and as a side effect, we get a product which is very heavy for our indigestion system.

We use a 48-hour long fermentation. Why?

During that time, micro-organisms break down the sugar and starch in flour and relieve the burden in our body. 

In nature, all grains contain some phytic acid and the bacteria in sourdough helps to dissolve it totally.


Further, our body can assimilate all minerals from grains with no problems. It's a totally new way to understand sourdough bread. 

Slow fermentation allows it to break down, so the bread is more digestible. It also allows flavor enzymes to develop to their fullest. 

Preparing Dough
Rustic Loaf and Breadboard

When using the sourdough process, bad symptoms and gluten intolerance quickly improve. Why?

Over the years, wheat has been crossbred, pollinated to increase gluten strength and to optimize gluten productivity. As a result, a lot of the human population have a gluten intolerance problem or worse. 

At Boulangerie Mira, we use a 100% sourdough, we use long (48 hours) fermentation and within this time there is the ability to break down the gluten protein (gliadin) which is responsible for being a creator of most wheat intolerance.


All our dough is manually folded many times throughout several hours. Using this slow process of fermentation allows us to knead precisely and delicately to maintain a good control over the gluten breakdown.


This is the opposite from a commercial kneading machine, where its force would tear the dough and the final result would be badly and not a qualitatively formed loaf of bread. 

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